Welcome to the Philippine Nurses Association of Northeast Florida


Front Row (seated) Dino Doliente, Lolita Compas, President Letty Hermosa, Reynaldo Rivera, Victoria Navarro, Jeanette Livelo, Bess Shirocky and Romy DeVera;

Back row : Ariel Zabala, Madelyn Yu, Belle Villafuerte and Aster Vargas


Romy DeVera, Daphne Viray, Michelle Cendana, Lorelei Perez, Pamela Windle, Maribel Soriano, Elizabeth Postrado, Berna Bray, Greta Pardue and Aster Vargas


When it comes to hosting a big conference such as the South Central Regional Conference, the Philippine Nurses Association of Northeast Florida Inc. win undoubtedly the hearts of the delegates from the PNA America Executive Board, the members of the thirteen regional chapters and their chapter members locally. The PNANEF is remembered from their warm hospitality, a flawless two-day convention and the memories associated from the welcome night, the networking night, the leadership institute, the education day, the celebration gala night, the 3K Walk, the Catholic mass celebration, and the family picnic. The two-day event is held at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront Hotel at Downtown Jacksonville in March 13 & 14, 2015 with their theme, Lead Empower & Transform: Emulating Best Practices.

The SCR Conference Planning Committee led by the Regional Vice-President Romeo DeVera, PNANEF President Daphne Viray, SCR Education Chair Germina Rio and her team namely Jusil Rice and Lilibeth Cuevas, spent their nine-month of planning with one goal of bringing the best of the best. Other committee chairs who deserve the recognition for providing a very successful two-day event are Velia Callao, Michelle Cendana, Edna Villanueva, Ryan Navarro, David Ching, Alex Tecson, the PNANEF Executive Board members, Ed Viray, Julius Matito, Ed Callao, and the Auxiliary team.

In attendance from the PNA America Executive Board are President Leticia Hermosa, President-elect Dino Doliente, Eastern RVP Madelyn Yu, NCR RVP Bessie Schiroky, SCR RVP Romeo DeVera, Executive Director Lolita Compas, Treasurer Jeanette Livelo, Board of Directors Ariel Zabala and Aster Vargas, SCR COPRR Michelle Cendana, ER COPRR Belle Villafuerte, and PNAA Immediate Past President Victoria Navarro. The PNAA foundation is represented by Merlita Velasquez. The PNAA Committee chairs who joined the delegation are Susan Castor (5K Chair), Marley Nicolas (Awards Chair), Merlita Velasquez (Ways & Means), Reynaldo Rivera and Gloria Beriones (Education Chairs).

The SCR thirteen regional chapters are represented by the following presidents: Lorelei Perez (PNA Central Florida), Berna Bray (PNA Georgia), Tita Ravi (PNA Gulf Coast), Pamela Windle (PNA Metro Houston), Christina Dimafiles (PNA North Houston), Elizabeth Postrado (PNA Miami and South East Florida), Maribel Soriano (PNA Tampa Bay), Michelle Cendana (PNATexas Cameron County), Daphne Viray (PNA Northeast Florida Inc.). The PNA North Texas is represented by Greta Pardue and the PNA South Texas Rio Grande Valley is represented by Aster Vargas.

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